About the Book

How can one solitary armadillo affect the lives of Everett, a caretaker at a celebrity cemetery, an unnamed interstate truck driver, a young New Mexican girl, and a Utah family on a Disneyland vacation? It's coincidence. The Coincidental Armadillo is a quirky southwestern sojourn destined to reveal humorous insights into the human condition. Just remember, "thinking is uncontrollable." — Everett Hill

About the Author

Jim D'Ville was born in a small logging and fishing community in northern California. After high school, he served as a Space Surveillance Console operator monitoring sea-launched ballistic missile activity for the Air Force. After discharge, Jim began a career in radio broadcasting which lasted for a couple of decades. Jim currently travels the world teaching people how to play the ukulele.

Amazon Bestseller

Shortly after the books launch, Jim made it to Number 34 on the Amazon bestsellers list.

The Coincidental Armadillo - Amazon Bestseller

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